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Transfer-In and Transfer-Out


Submit the following documents to CES College DSO



  • Application
  • Financial documentation in the form of bank statements, letter from a sponsoring agency, or affidavit of support.
  • Copy of valid passport with expiration date, visa, and front and back of the I-94 Form.
  • Copy of previous I-20.
  • High School Diploma or higher learning institution diploma
  • Completed Intent to Transfer form (please get the form from CES College DSO)





  • Select a SEVP-certified school and apply for enrollment
  • Inform CES College DSO of your desire to transfer
  • Submit a proof of acceptance (Acceptance Letter) and a Transfer From to CES College DSO



Important Notes


You must maintain status by attending classes until the transfer release date. You cannot decide to transfer in the middle of a term and immediately stop attending classes. Such action would be a violation of status and your SEVIS record will be terminated.

If you have completed your program, then you will have a 60-day "grace period" after your completion date. If you have decided to transfer, your DSO must transfer your SEVIS record before the end of the 60-day grace period.

You must begin classes within five months of completion of your program or at the next available term, whichever is sooner, and cannot use another transfer to prolong the time between enrollments. If a student requests multiple transfers, this could result in the student violating status.


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