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Purdue Online Writing Lab: The OWL is a wonderful repository of practice sheets and linguistic primers for learners at all levels.
Dave’s ESL Cafe: ESL teacher Dave Sperling’s in-depth site provides numerous lessons about sentence structure, word use, and more.
The English Learner Movie Guides: This site takes popular movies and uses their summaries and idioms to discuss the English language. Great for ESL students with a love of U.S. culture.
ESL Partyland: The festive name is an indicator of how laid-back this handy ESL site can be. Various exercises let students practice writing and reading as they use external sites to boost their comprehension.
Breaking News English: These inventive lesson plans teach ESL by drawing inspiration from recent news and global affairs. Packed with information about word usage, grammar, and more.
ESL-Lounge: Hundreds of awesome exercises make this site a fantastic tool for students. Parts of speech and vocabulary are classified by difficulty.
Activities for ESL Students: This pared-down website offers grammar quizzes at multiple degrees of difficulty and for learners from dozens of different language backgrounds.
Using English: A handy reference guide to major parts of speech and their usage, with bonus material for ESL instructors.
5-Minute English: This wonderful site not only offers a variety of lessons and exercises, it also boasts links to other helpful ESL programs, books, and schools.
English, Baby!: Download MP3s, join chat rooms, take quizzes, and more on this useful site.
English Forums: Get help from English speakers or other ESL learners in the world’s largest ESL network. Don’t be afraid to speak up and ask questions.

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